Mr. Paap has worked in several countries in West Africa and Central and specialises in building individual (training/changes in attitudes), organizational (warrants and structural changes) and systemic (legislation, control, etc.),skills e.g. for the implementation of the Rio conventions. He worked as a consultant in various African countries on the development of proposals for programs (e.g. UNDP Coastal Area Adaptation Programme to climate change in West Africa (ACCC)), desertification and biodiversity projects (eg. Desertification project in Central African Republic), action plans (NCSA Action Plan of Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Guinea) and project development (PIF CB2 Guinea,Togo and Cote d’Ivoire; UNEP proposal on Great Green Wall of Africa). In the Netherlands, he has developed and implemented the environmental policies for the municipalities of Nijkerk and Vianen.

As trainer/consultant for MDF Training and Consultancy, M. Paap conducted various trainings on institutional development and organizational strengthening. On basis of a thorough organizational evaluation, he elaborated a business plan for the NGO CIF-Santé in the Congo. He also conducted a feasibility study for the CBI (Centre for the advancement of Import from developing countries of the Dutch Government) in Morocco to evaluate their program and the ability for collaboration of the Moroccan Centre for the promotion of the Export.

For the CC DARE project on adaptation to climate change, he worked as the coordinating UNDP consultant, to initiate, select and monitor small climate change adaptation projects in 11 countries in Subsahara Africa and as an anchor consultant within the UNDP African Adaptation Programme (AAP) in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

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  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Capacity Building for Institutional Development
  • Environmental Policy, Program and Project Development

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